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Eorex Corporation was founded in 1998, formerly Arach Technology and Application Co., Ltd. Since then, Eorex has been devoting itself into electronic and optical quality products and services for its valuable clients. In order to provide more in-depth and profound serviced for its clients, Eorex was migrating into semiconductor device design, manufacturing and marketing in 2000. For the target markets serviced, Eorex is well positioned and equipped to deliver its clients comprehensive and competitive semiconductor chips and electro-optics system solutions.
It's indisputable that Eorex is able to provide such quality products and services through and only through its high-qualification human resources. Those high-qualification human resources in Eorex are closely and collaboratively knitted to meet customers' needs and wants. People are here because Eorex dedicates itself a creative and comfortable environment to its employees. Moreover, Eorex is fundamentally an employee-owned company. We believe that our employees are going to service our valuable clients as well as we service them.



3F., No. 218, Guangming 9th Rd.,
Chubei County, Hsinchu County,
302 Taiwan, R.O.C.

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